Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Marian Rivera Sexy Photo Shoot

Marian Rivera has given her followers something to look forward to. Early next year, she will be posing for GINEBRA SAN MIGUEL's 2009 CALENDAR. It'll be a sexy photo shoot this time for she will be endorsing this brand and she did a lot of preparations for it.

However, despite of all the intrigues, she manage to stay calm and reserved in all her interviews with regard in the DINGDONG DANTES and KARYLLE's recent break up issue in which her names was involved and was spoofed to be as the third party for the reason of the break up.

Nevertheless, The tandem looks so perfect together in their movie "ONE TRUE LOVE" which is now shown in more than 100 theaters nationwide. Every fans of the "DINGDONG and MARIAN love team" is really looking forward to seeing more movies and team ups of the couple.

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